Mike Kemp


A published author with decades of behind the scenes knowledge,

Mr. Kemp has experienced the ins and outs of Hollywood production, construction and post-production through observation, conversation, as well as hands-on experience.

He is the Co-Partner and Co-Executive Producer of all Adobespaceship Productions in association with internationally known Native American actor/artist Michael Horse, legendary Hollywood producer Kent McCray and Native American artist/sculptor Bernie Granados, Jr.

The listing of film projects to proceed onto the production plate at the Mattawa/North Bay Algonquin’s First Nation Studios within this plan, totaling seven of the ten listed, have all been created and written by Mr. Kemp, except for the two future projects and The Storyteller.

Mr. Kemp intends to pursue the rights to produce those remaining three projects.

Mr. Kemp has worked in the capacity of a supervising emergency medical technician on over 300 motion picture, television and commercials with over 27 years of industry experience, most notably at the former Warner Hollywood Studios in West Hollywood, California USA. He has worked alongside in his EMS duties with such notables as Clint Eastwood, Michael Landon, Jack Webb, Lucille Ball, David Susskind, Irving Moore, Stephen Cannell, Mike Myers, Steven Spielberg, Walter Hill, Tim Burton and Aaron Spelling.

Several of Mr. Kemp’s Hollywood experiences have appeared in Filmcrew Magazine, a national USA publication for and about crewmembers of various productions. His writing skills and creativity have touched both motion picture and television in the areas of comedy, science fiction and drama.

His talents as a writer assisted in the reversal of a certain aspect of unknown Texas literary history and helped acquire the rightful posthumous authorship of another Texas author, who was denied his true authorship credit for over 63 years.

Email Contact:  image778@aol.com

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