Kent McCray, our mentor.

Kent McCray was referred to as the New Breed. Having worked as Michael Landon’s producer on both Little House on the Prairie and Highway to Heaven, Mr. McCray has developed an industry reputation working “faster and with less fuss” than television had ever seen.

Though born in Connecticut, Mr. McCray developed his skills nationally; having majored in Theater Arts at the Julius Hart College of Music to then move on to be the only pupil of the legendary Dr. Nagy (formerly of Yale).

Mr. McCray began his career at NBC in 1951 with work on the Colgate Comedy Hour during television’s Golden Age. He later worked with Red Skelton, Ralph Edwards’ This is Your Life and later Bob Hope (including his famed overseas trips).Mr. McCray has worked in all phases of filmmaking; production, post-production, scoring (choosing music for films) and supervising the scoring and dubbing sessions.

Mr. McCray teamed with Michael Landon when he joined Bonanza as Associate Producer and then went on to produce The High Chaparral. Kent ran Michael Landon’s production team for Little House on the Prairie at the behest of Mr. Landon. Mr. McCray later produced Movies of the Week: The Loneliest Runner, Killing Stone and two seasons of the NBC series Father Murphy. Other activity included the feature film Sam’s Son, the Emmy nominated Where Pigeons Go to Die and the CBS/Columbia pilot Us.

After Michael Landon’s death, Kent and his partner/wife Susan McCray, produced the highly acclaimed tribute to Michael Landon, Memories with Laughter and Love.  Mr. McCray is also Co-Partner and Co-Executive Producer of all Adobespaceship Productions. He came back to the forefront at the behest of Michael Kemp and Bernie Granados, Jr. to join, as a mentor and consultant, with a new, innovative production team.  Mr. McCray, gladly accepted.

“After 55 years in television, I can honestly say I wouldn’t have wanted to be in any other business. For me, it was, and is, a dream that came true.” Kent at the dedication of the Kent McCray Television Studio, Hartford, CT.  Click on image to read story.

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