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It is the intent that all Adobespaceship Productions products, when possible, will be shot and produced , with participating tribes, on tribal land. 

·        First Nation. A fictional motion picture that contains a primarily principal cast of First Nation and Native American actor artists working in conjunction to bring forth the best possible product feasible: A tribal physician assistant and reserve tribal police deputy endues a near-death experience and awakens to discover he has mystic powers that help him to solve unsolvable crimes. Based on the novel of the same name.

Once First Nation is completed as a major motion picture, a prime-time one-hour television series spin-off can be negotiated with the major broadcast and cable networks of Canada and the United States.



 is a fictional action/adventure motion picture:

An ancient pair of Egyptian achromatic lenses buried for centuries resurface. The power they possess is unlike anything previously known to mankind. It is up to a renowned team of First Nation archaeologists to find them first ― for the world’s fate rests in the knowledge of the past to preserve the future.


·        Money Farm, a comedic, fantasy motion picture endeavor involving a First Nation Reserve: Counterfeiters use computer technology.

Computer VDT (video terminal display) radiation infects several bags of farm seeds. The infected farm seeds DNA absorbs the computers information. The farm seeds are shipped to the Reserve. The farm seeds are planted and ― soon grow into prosperous legal tender.


·        Barbary Raid, an action/adventure fact based motion picture that involves the capture of the man-of-war frigate, the USS Philadelphia, off the coast of Tripoli in 1803 and U.S. President Thomas Jefferson’s determination to return the vessel’s hostages home.



·        Jim Thorpe ― All American. We are currently in negotiations with the family for the rights to the legendary Sac-Fox Native American’s life story, from the native point of view. He was the only man in sports history who became the greatest athlete in the world at the 1912 Stockholm, Sweden Olympic Games by winning both the decathlon and pentathlon events. His life story will be told from an entirely different point of view. An essential remake of the 1951 motion picture of the same name that starred Burt Lancaster.

·        The Ira Hayes Story. To acquire the rights to the life story of the Native American U.S. Marine who helped raise the American flag at Iwo Jima.

A remake of the motion picture that starred Tony Curtis.


“Tribal P.D.” has a style format that presents a unique focus upon Tribal Law Enforcement throughout the United States.

Each segment, from Academy Rookie training, response to emergencies, issuing arrest warrants, traffic enforcement, search and rescue, court security, to operating native jails provides useful information of behind the scenes lifestyles and insights. Various tribal police services will be profiled each segment.

It is said that all laws are made to be broken. This series brings that to you and more. You as the television audience will not only step into a whole new world of Indian Country, but see and hear how its dedicated police officers strive to be the best from the eye and the mind of the tribal police officers themselves.

Join us as we reveal the inner workings of the past, present, and future tribal police officers as we journey into “Tribal P.D.”

Eight (8) minutes per thirty (30) minute slot is available and reserved for commercial use or barter

Tribal P.D. prompts, promotes, and displays Native American Law Enforcement in progress from the beginning stages through completion.

Running time segments: 22 minutes


Once production soundstages and post-production facilities are completed, Adobespaceship Productions intends to create television themed endeavors as well including:

·        Profiles In Artistry, a fact-based thirty minute anthology television series starring Michael Horse as host, that provides information, behind the scenes lifestyles and insights into various artisan topics and creative works created and profiled during each segment.

·        Analysis In History, a fact-based thirty-minute television series that spotlights major historical moments of Canadian and United States events never before analyzed.

·        Frontier Law, a fictional one-hour television series set in the 1870s that profiles the life and hardships of the first female judge in the old Canadian west, which happens to be of First Nation heritage.

·        The Storyteller, a one-hour anthology television series that depicts the greatest stories told around the fire pits of the First Nations.

Each television series will be available for both international and domestic syndication when ninety segments each have been produced. These will be designed as daily strips (airing daily ― Monday through Friday) and available to syndicates throughout the world. Should the climate of syndication change, Adobespaceship Productions is prepared to adjust the timetables necessary to suit the marketplace.

Promotion of Adobespaceship Productions product will include all media-related avenues, television and radio commercial spots, fan club conventions, newspaper and magazine interviews and inserts, several comic book series and book-format publications including script formats from the properties produced.

Advertising will be designed to promote all products with specific focus on distribution and will be on billboards, transit buses, bus bench posters and on the World-Wide Web.